A broken childhood, an alcoholic mom, numerous step fathers and sexually molested. Susie met Jesus at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, during the "Jesus movement " of the 60's era. Susie is married to Steve Carr, Pastor of Calvary Chapel Arroyo, Grande, Ca.

My Testimony by Susie Carr

Walking in the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s Power - Sylvia DeHart

I’ve learned that to walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s Power, we should:
1. Read and be washed by the Word of God daily
2. Communicate with God and prayer and ask to be refilled with His Spirit daily
3. Fellowship with the people of God by being active in a home church
4. Obey Gods statutes and leading
5. Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit (don’t resist His leading or conviction, yield)
Read Sylvia's testimony here.

Raising Children in God's Word

Feathering The Nest Karyn Johnson, Calvary Chapel, Downey, California

Raising Autistic Children

After a teenage abortion this couple marry, they have Four children, Three are Autistic.
Guilt sets in as they blame themselves thinking God has punished them for the abortion.

Only By His Strength - Raising 3 Autistic Children- Donna Rude

Loving your Children Adrienne Crist- Arroyo Grande, California

Ovarian cancer survivor shares her journey with cancer and the loss of a beloved Sister to the same disease.

Ovarian Cancer Sharon McVey Rude - Arroyo Grande, California

Life After Abortion

Maria was an incest victim, coming from a dysfunctional family she had not just one abortion but three. Maria was searching for happiness she became involved with drugs. This is a very touching and uplifting testimony of the woman who now is the director of Lifeline Crisis Pregnancy Center.

A Testimony of Healing Maria Estrada (Director of Life Line Crisis Pregnancy Center) Grover Beach, California

Loss of a Child

A young teenage mother loses her little boy who was terminally ill from birth. Divorces,
when she remarries, she loses yet another child a little girl to cancer. Click on Betty's story, a testimony of faith.

Faith and Trust Betty's Story-Narrated by Sharon McVey Rude

Faithful Prayer and the Prodigal Child

Rachel is raised in a Christian family, As a teenager she rebels, gets involved with drinking, drugs, everything the world has to offer. Then just as the Prodigal son of the Bible, Rachel returns to Jesus and her family.

Prodigal Daughter Rachel Ramirez Arroyo Grande, California

Living With an Unsaved Husband

Susan loves her husband, She has no desire to leave her marriage, The pain she lives with is his unbelief, and his verbal challenges.

Married to an Unbeliever Susan Nero-Oceano, California

He placed me in a little cage,
Away from gardens fair;
But I must sing the sweetest songs
Because He placed me there.
Not beat my wings
against the cage
If it's my Maker's will,
But raise my voice to heaven's gate
And sing the louder still!


My God Carries Me

Though friends may abandon and dreams may grow dim;
High hopes fall around me, I’ll still trust in Him.

Can’t trust my emotions The way that I feel,
The fact is - God loves me, That’s all that is real.

Yes, my body is failing My memory’s poor; My ship is past sailing, Old age at the door.

Still, I know God is faithful, What He says is true; He sees all the heartache that I’m going through.

So- I’ll turn to my Jesus, and take in His Word; and watch all my worries fly off like a bird.
Hallelujah, I’m happy, Content just to be In arms strong and steadfast
As God carries Me!

Gwen Hansen