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Our last two reviews:

Healed & Set Free

By Tammy Brown

Healed and Set Free is not just a book, it’s a journey, a journey from the prison of past hurts to freedom. Filled with personal testimonies, this book is encouraging in two ways: you see that many women are being freed from their past hurts, but it also makes clear that we too can be freed. The book is a study guide, which calls for daily prayer and Bible reading. Tammy puts a big emphasis on prayer time, and rightfully so, as it is God’s involvement that allows healing to take place.

Healed and Set Free is a map, a field guide. It leads readers through the difficult things in life, into the life God wants us to have. With God’s help this book will lead you into the life we all know exists, the life we are unable to obtain on our own. The questions in each chapter are designed to help you confront the issues of your past and deal with them in the present. This is especially helpful in a group study, which we recommend for this process. Much healing can come by working through the book alone with God’s help, but in a group setting the healing can be solidified.
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Captive in Iran

by Maryam Rostampour

Captive in IranLiving in a country whose founding documents afford protection of speech, it is difficult to imagine a country were it is a capital offense to change religions or promote any faith other than Islam.

‘Captive in Iran’ is a modern day tale of religious persecution in the country of Iran. Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh are two young Iranian ladies who both converted to Christianity while on a visit to Turkey. They then took the risk, because of their love for Jesus, to share this newfound faith with anyone who would listen. Mapping out neighborhoods, they made a plan to reach their hometown of Tehran for the Lord... Read more here...