Kay Smith is the mother of four, and the wife of Chuck Smith Pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Ca. In the 1970s Kay started and led the Joyful Life women's ministry for years. Kay is also an author and you can view her books by clicking here.

I first met Kay in 1974 when I accepted Jesus as my Savior, Kay did not know the tremendous effect she had on my life. Her gentle and loving spirit was so apparent to me, I felt I could sit for hours listening to Kay talk about her love for Jesus. My special times with her were spent in Lake Arrowhead at the women's retreats. Kay patiently listened to my personal experiences then shared what word the Lord had given her on what issues I had told her about. Now you can listen to these teachings from Kay and be as blessed as I was and still am.
Sharon McVey Rude

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Reflecting God Combo Pack

Who do you look like?
As we look at Christian women today, we see many who know nothing about the abundant life Jesus came to bring them. And because of this, life is less satisfying, less fulfilling, less joyful, and less God-honoring than it should be.

Kay Smith encourages you to further the journey that began in her book, Pleasing God, as she teaches you the godly attributes necessary to reflect the very image of God.

Discover how the woman who reflects God is a woman who:

  • Knows she is loved, and in turn loves others
  • Realizes who she belongs to, and attracts others to Jesus
  • Is aware of a raging battle, and intercedes for those entrusted to her
  • Understands her position in this dark world, and holds out a light to the lost.
As Kay Smith shows you God’s attributes, you will begin to have the mind of Christ. And as this starts to happen within you—outwardly, you become a reflection of God to a world that desperately needs Him.

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Attributes of a Godly Woman - Study Guide

Written study guide, great for personal study, a classroom setting or for a home Bible study. This Study Guide goes along side the Attributes of a Godly Woman CD Pack or MP3. - 26 Pages

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A Mothers Love - CD

A CD by Pastor Chuck and Kay Smith. The Lord calls on mothers to pray without ceasing, let tears run down her cheeks, from morning to evening as she calls upon the Lord. For God said He would visit upon a thousand generations the faithfulness of a mother and her prayers.

Join Pastor Chuck and Kay Smith as they give a very radical solution to a national family crisis: the prayer and love of a mother. Every mother should hear this Bible study to strengthen herself and her family! CD includes a message by Chuck Smith, a Bible study by Kay Smith, and a closing song by Noelle Cablay.

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Following His Steps - MP3

A new MP3 by Kay Smith containing 12 audio messages that share the early days of Calvary Chapel, recorded live at the conference center in Twin Peaks, California.

Kay Smith encourages pastors’ wives to follow in the footsteps of Jesus in their personal lives and in the ministry. This is a wonderful encouragement for women seeking to follow Jesus’ example.

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I Peter Joyful Life

Join Kay Smith as she teaches through the book of First Peter. In these messages you will find instruction for living the Christian life in a world system that is alienated from God. Learn how to be steadfast through difficulties, suffering, and fiery trials which come into our lives. This study is wonderful for your own personal study, as well as for a home Bible study or womens' fellowship. 15 audio messges in MP3 format with corresponding written lession in pdf. format to print from any computer.

Check out our new Bible studies to download to your iPod or to take with you wherever you go!

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A Right Relationship
Help! Lord Change Me
Team Strategy
For as Much as Ye Know
Eternal Perspective
​Gospel of John
2 Corinthians
1 Peter
1 John
Topical Studies

Pleasing God - Book and Journal Combo Pack

Kay Smith exhorts and encourages women to think of God first and to live with His pleasure uppermost in mind. In a style that is uniquely Kay—candid, humorous, firm, but also compassionate—this beloved teacher reveals the secret to a simplified life, living it as a fragrant offering to God. Learn how to put sin in its place, yield to the Holy Spirit, praise God through trials, and offer Him even the smallest part of your life as an act of worship.

In the pages of this book, you will find the encouragement you long for, the exhortation you need, and the practical steps necessary to walk in a manner pleasing to God. Learn how to render your flesh dead and yield to the power of the Holy Spirit within you. Learn how to turn the smallest of tasks into a gift of worship and gratitude. And begin to live a fragrant, blessed and meaningful life—a life that pleases God.

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Philippians - Paperback Bible Study Book

Are you filled with joy? If not—if this less-than-perfect world has robbed you of joy and filled you instead with fear and worry—you must learn the secrets found in the book of Philippians. - 159 pages

12-week Bible study Workbook
Discussion-group Helps
Personal Applications
Background Information

Follow Kay as she takes you on a verse-by-verse discovery of the truths that enabled Paul to worship in shackles, rejoice in persecution, and walk joyfully through life’s darkest places.

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Dwelling in the Holy of Holies

Are you an "outer court" Christian? The "outer court" Christian has just enough salvation to ensure heaven. They come on Sunday mornings, but they have no prayer life, no fruit–they rarely witness and they're ineffective in the world.

Kay Smith teaches women to draw closer to the Lord, helping you to understand your relationship with Him, and bring you into that place where you were created to dwell–in the Holy of Holies.

Christ's death caused the veil to be torn away, so that believers could enter into the Holy of Holies, where they could live in God's presence. But many Christians stay in the Outer Courts.

But then there are people who have moved beyond the Outer Court. They love the Lord and have a restlessness of spirit that draws them closer to Him. Because of their love, they move into the Holy of Holies-a beautiful place where believers were meant to be.

The study guide is available for personal devotion or a home Bible study.

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Behold the Handmaid of the Lord - CD

In this warm personal 2-CD audio Bible study, Kay Smith shares hilarious and thought-provoking stories of the ministry surrounding a pastor’s wife, as well as bestowing golden keys of exhortation found throughout the Scriptures.

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Colossians - Paperback Bible Study Book

The Word For Today is pleased to present Kay Smith’s newest edition in her Bible Study Series for women … the book of Colossians. Come alongside Kay as she exhorts women and teaches what the Bible says about these last days. Women will discover how to discern spiritual deception and comprehend correct biblical doctrine that leads to a renewed eternal perspective.

Kay Smith encourages you to further the journey that began in her first Bible Study Series, Philippians.

Like the believers in Paul’s day, today we live in the midst of cultural craziness and we too are vulnerable to the quick-fix solutions of world philosophers and religious legalists. Let Kay guide you through the book of Colossians to understand how the Lord wants you to live in these last days … to love your family … to influence your friends …and to revive our nation.

This book contains the following:
12-week Bible Study Workbook
Discussion Group Helps
Personal Applications
Background Information
...That you may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God. - Colossians 4:12

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The Privilege

The Bedouin woman in Bethlehem reached down and picked up a handful of rocks. A shepherdess will sometimes throw a pebble gently when a sheep starts to wander away from the fold. This calls them back to safety. But this woman didn’t throw gently. She wore an angry scowl and threw those rocks with a vengeance. She didn’t want to be in that field tending those sheep. She wanted to be anyplace else in the world.

At times, we find ourselves standing in a field we didn’t choose for ourselves, tending to a task we never wanted. But when the call to that field—and the sheep it contains—comes from God Himself, then you’ve just been given a privilege.

The Privilege is a loving conversation between friends. Kay Smith has a special place in her heart for pastors’ wives and women in leadership—to any woman who has been asked to nurture and feed others. If you are a pastor’s wife, mother, Sunday school teacher or ministry leader, let Kay’s unique blend of encouragement and exhortation inspire you to take a second look at the opportunity you’ve been given.

Whether you’ve been called to nurture sheep or nurture children, the lessons Kay has gleaned over 62 years of ministry will refresh your heart and inspire you to love the ones God has entrusted to you all the more fervently.

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