To Love

Rather than a sweet Hallmark special this is a ragged story, frayed at the edges with more drama than reality TV.

A virgin…a young girl who has never intimately known a man, is found to be “with child”…pregnant out of wedlock. And this is just how the story starts! Murder, politics, family drama and even miracles ensue. Maybe its time to give Mary’s story another look?

Simple and straightforward, just as the young girl that Mary herself was when God’s story became hers, this is a look through the eyes of a scared young girl who said “yes” to God. Mary’s “yes” opened up for her experiences she never could have imagined; from great joy pouring from the lips of angels to the the piercing heartache of a mother’s anguish.

What did she think? What did she feel? Imagine being able to look again at the story of the One who would change the course of history, from a different angle, from a mother’s watchful gaze. If Mary had a diary, what would she have written?

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