Covered With Love For the US, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Russia, England and Israel

Covered With Love

Matthew 25:36 " Naked and ye Clothed Me"

In Response to the Earthquake in Japan
covered with love thank you letter
Thank-you Letter
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We are to follow his command to love our neighbor, feed and clothe the poor and most importantly to spread the Gospel throughout the world. This is our goal to let the world know that God loves them and Salvation comes through Jesus Christ.

In the winter of 2005, a group of women came together with the object in mind to learn how to knit. Within a months time Our Lord placed it on our hearts to create a ministry with our new found talent and reach through out the world by knitting hats and scarves to help keep warm the many poor and needy.

Covered with Love consists of women from various churches in our area and Southern California with one focus which is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. To date we ship on a regular basis to missionaries in the Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Russia, England and Israel. We also ship to an Orphanage for abandoned special needs children in Kiev, Ukraine


Locally we donate blankets to Child Protective Services
Hats and scarves to the Salvation Army
Hats and scarves to The Peoples Kitchen.
Knitted hats to the Arroyo Grande Cancer Center, California (Dr. David Palchak),


Knitted hats to the Center of Oncology (Doctor Daniel Lewis) San Luis Obispo California.
Knitted hats to the Oncology Center ( Doctor Thomas Spillane ) San Luis Obispo, California
Knitted Children's hats to Cottage Hospital Pediatric/Oncology - Santa Barbara, California
Knitted Children's hats to Stanford University/Lucile Packard-Child Life Oncology - Palo Alto, California

If you want to be a part of this ministry please contact,

Sharon McVey Rude 1-805-473-8980

Adele Cor-Vey 1-805-489-1622

Financial donations, make checks payable to Calvary Chapel, 1133 Maple St. Arroyo Grande, Ca. 93420
Please indicate donations are for the Covered with Love Ministry.


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