Sonia Montoya was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is married to Ray Montoya, Pastor of CCSW. They have four beautiful children: Alanah, Sierra, Ray & Noah. Sonia enjoys spending time with her family, bike riding & cooking. She loves studying the Bible & teaching women’s bible studies. Sonia’s heart is to see women thrive in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ & experience the power of God personally! One of Sonia’s favorite quotes is, “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained!”

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“There’s nothing more beautiful than to see women growing in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!” -Sonia Montoya .

Video Studies from Sonia Montoya and Thrive Ministry

Jesus said…

The Bread of Life - John 6:22-71
The Light of the World - John 8:1-12
The Door - John 10:1-10
The Good Shepherd - John 10:11-30
Resurrection & Life - John 11:1-44
Way, Truth & Life - John 14:1-6
The True Vine - John 15:1-8
I AM - Summary


Reverence series week 8 - Summary
Benefits & Blessings - Panel Discussion lead by Priscilla Gutierrez
Fear vs. Fear - Daniel 3
Worship in Reverence - Psalm 96
A Wise Foundation - Proverbs 9:10
The Road to Life - Proverbs 19:23
Reverent In Heart - Deuteronomy 5:9
The Road to Life - Proverbs 19:23
A Wise Foundation - Proverbs 9 vs 10
Worship in Reverence - Psalm 96
Fear vs. Fear - Daniel 3
Benefits & Blessings - Panel Discussion lead by Priscilla Gutierrez
Reverence Series - Summary

Princess Warrior

Princess Warrior Summary - Ephesians 6:10-20
Word Up - Ephesians 6:17b
Safeguard - Ephesians 6:17a
Shields Up - Ephesians 6:16
Protect & Prepare - Ephesians 6:14-15
Buckle Up - Ephesians 6:14
Completely Protected - Ephesians 6:11-13
Enlisted - Ephesians 6:10
Completely Protected - Ephesians 6 vs 11-13
Buckle Up - Ephesians 6 vs 14
Protect & Prepare - Ephesians 6 vs 14-15
Shields Up - Ephesians 6 vs 16

Secret Place

Behind Closed Doors - Sonia Montoya
Your Kingdom Come - Evangelyn Gomez
Bended Knee - Monique Baca
Fasting not Faking - Sonia Montoya

Fired Up

Moved to Pray Daniel 9:1-3
A Prayer of Praise Daniel 9:4
Martha Salazar Story of Praise
A Prayer of Confession Daniel 9:5-6
A Guilty Plea Daniel 9:7-9
Darlene's Story of Praise
Justice Served Daniel 9:10-14
A Humble Petition Daniel 9:15-18
Birga's Story of Praise
Summary Daniel 9:19

Unroyal Lineage

Thrive fall banquet
Unroyal Lineage Characters

Engage - Ephesians 2

Scandal of Grace Ephesians 2:8a
Sustaining Grace Ephesians 2:8a
Rescued Ephesians 2:8-9
Saving Faith Ephesians 2 vs 8-9
Does Your Faith Work? Ephesians 2 vs 8-9 - Priscilla Gutierrez
His Workmanship Ephesians 2:10a
Doing Good Ephesians 2 vs 10
Created For More Ephesians 2 vs 8-10

Planted Deep - Psalms

Oh How Happy Psalms 1:1
Map My Walk Psalms 1:1
Delightful Diet Psalms 1:2
Fit Mind Psalms 1:2
Like A Tree Part 1 Psalms 1:3
Like A Tree Part 2 Psalms 1:3b
Gone with the Wind Psalms 1:4
Interview with Andrea Yim
Eternally Separated Psalms 1:5
God Knows Psalms 1:6
Summary of Psalms 1

Real Love - I Corinthians 13

Got Love
Patience Please
Bitter or Sweet
Excuse Me
What's on Your Mind?
All Things
Maturing Love
Best of All
Love on Rewind
Give Me Jesus
Interview with Andrea Yim

Woman of Honor

Titus 1:1-16
Godly Influence
Interview with Nancy Galligan
Words & Wine - Titus 2:3b
Teacher of Good Things
Interview with Heather and Nicole
Love your Hubby
Interview with Mary Bouquet
Loving Your Kiddos
Interview w Anna & Rosalie
Who’s Your Daddy - Titus 2:5 | Evangelyn Gomez
Home is Where the Heart Is - Titus 2:5
I Choose Honor - Titus 2:1-5
Interview with Kent & Shirley Grey
Q&A Panel

Fashion Show

This is from a fashion show presented to CCSW Thrive Women's Ministry accentuating their study "Woman of Honor". Monica and Priscilla demonstrated to the women how to shop thriftily while keeping it classy
Buying Thriftily and Classy

Fashioned for Combat

Session 1
Session 2 | Evangelyn Gomez
Session 3 | Denise Trujillo
Session 4

Brave - The Book of Joshua

Joshua 1:1-9
Called to Duty | Joshua 1:10-18
Overcoming Fear and Anxiety | Denise Trujillo
The Hiding Place - Joshua 2:1-7
Stella Rooks - Testimony
A True Confession - Joshua 2:8-11
The Promise of Scarlet - Joshua 2:12-24 | Priscilla Gutierrez
Prepare for The Marvelous - Joshua 3:1-17
Unforgettable - Joshua 4:1-24
Walls Fall Down - Joshua 5:13-15, 6:1-21
Stories Read by Monique Baca
Brave Until the End - Joshua 6:22-27


Refreshing Repentance
Fresh Heart - Psalm 119:1-16
Revived by the Word
Revived by the Word part 2
Revive Me, O Lord, According to Your Lovingkindness | Evangelyn Gomez
Revived In Righteousness
Revived in Justice
Citywide Revival - Jonah 1-4


A Friend Loves at All Times | Monica Garcia
Session 1
Workshop Anna & Burdetta
Call to Prayer
Straight Up
Workshop with Priscilla Gutierrez
Workshop lead by Dalphene & Nicole
Finish The Race Strong | Evangelyn Gomez


Lean On Me - Romans 4
Face Time - Exodus 33
Interview with Audra and Tasha
Truly Yours - John 15:1-25
Heaven Sent - John 14:15-18
Love You Always - Proverbs 17:17
Flavorful Words - Colossians 4:6
Work Shop - Gossip” | Priscilla Gutierrez, Mary & Linda
Best Friends Forever - 1Samuel 18-20
Workshop - Expectations and Forgiveness | Danielle and Anna
Summary & Discussion Panel

Unsinkable Hope

Denise Trujillo dramatizes the testimony of one woman for the Thrive Christmas Celebration
Unsinkable Hope
..."But God!" Evangelyn Gomez spoke at theThrive Christmas Celebration
...but God!