Maureen Shaffer a beautiful woman, who loved the Lord has gone home to be with her Savior, for her it was "out of time and into Eternity" where there is no time no more suffering and no more pain.

I know too well what she went through, I’ve been fighting ovarian cancer for several years now. We want to keep on where the Spirit has led us, but it’s no use, as our weak and ravished bodies will not allow it. Missionary fields are no longer an option, speaking locally is also not the option we so enjoyed.

Maureen worked along side her husband, sharing God’s word, while at the same time raising her children, a 24 hour day wasn’t enough for her, she read and submerged herself in the Word, thus preparing her to become closer to our Lord with His Word. She taught others with the confidence in knowing she would be sharing exactly how the Spirit guided her.

Maureen had written two books, Comfort for the Cancer Journey and Knowing God You can find these on Amazon. Praises to Our Lord for sharing her with us.

Sharon Rude

Maureen Schaffer was a pastor's wife and the director of Women's Ministry at Calvary Chapel Whittier. She was a gifted Bible teacher, check out many of Maureen's studies below or click here.


The Bible for Real Life

Comfort: For the Cancer Journey by Maureen Schaffer. This is a collection of experiences of a cancer patient. She shares different ways the Lord helped her in her cancer journey. It is written in a short devotional format. This book could bring comfort to those who are facing a cancer battle. "Read about the Lord's faithfulness in Maureen's journey. Maureen's courage and her family's transparency are an inspiration to so many. You will be blessed." -Lori

Get your copy on Amazon
Get the Kindle version on Amazon

Knowing God by Maureen Schaffer contains daily devotions taking a scripture and discovering what we learn about God, Himself, from the text. We can separate what is written in the Bible from the Author, Himself. God's Word is God's voice. God's voice is from God's mind and heart.

Let's get to know the One who has created us and enjoy His Word from the vantage point of getting insight into His ways and His character and not just look at the bible as a moral code book or historical account of the nation of Israel and the church apart from learning of the One who has spoken through those men who have written it.

Get your copy on Amazon
Get the Kindle version on Amazon

Psalm 119


Christmas Special

Nothing is impossible

The Twelve

Simon Peter
James, Son of Zebedee
James, son of Alphaeus
Simon the Zealot
Judas Iscariot

Women's Event 2019

Psalms 23:2 - Green Pastures
Psalms 23:5 - Prepares A Table

The Heart of David - First Love

A Shepherd's Heart
An Anointed Heart
A Worshiping Heart
A Courageous Heart
A Strategic Heart
A Teachable Heart
A Meditative Heart
A Humble Heart
A Grateful Heart
A Tender Heart
A Flexible Heart
A Forgiving Heart
A Transparent Heart
A Repentant Heart
A Surrendered Heart

Women Jesus Encountered

The Woman Jesus Challenged - John 4:1-42
The Woman Jesus Healed - Luke 8:43-48
The Woman Jesus Corrected - Luke 10:38-42
The Woman Jesus Warned - Matt 20:20-23
The Woman Jesus Rescued - John 8:2-11
TThe Woman Jesus Helped (Mark 7:24-30)
The Woman Jesus Commended (Luke 7:36-50)
The Woman Jesus Admired (Luke 21:1-4)
The Woman Jesus Defended (John 12:1-8)
The Woman Jesus Comforted (John 11:18-44)
The Woman Jesus Assured (Matt 28:1-9)

Storm Proof

Blessed - Matthew 5:1-12
Great - Matthew 5:13-20
You Have Heard - Matthew 5:21-28
'Yes' and 'No' - Matthew 5:29-37
But I Say - Matthew 5:38-48
But You - Matthew 6:1-8
In This Manner - Matthew 6:9-13
When You - Matthew 6:14-20
No One - Matthew 6:14-20
Why Worry? - Matthew 6:27-34
Focus - Matthew 7:1-8
Much More - Matthew 7:9-11
As You Want - Matthew 7:12-14
Beware - Matthew 7:15-20
He Who Does - Matthew 7:21-23
A Wise Man - Matthew 7:24-29

Taming the Tongue

Why Study the Tongue?
The Lying Tongue
The Hasty Tongue
The Unkind Tongue
The Manipulative Tongue
The Arrogant Tongue
The Busy Tongue
The Murmuring Tongue
The Telling Tongue
The Unholy Tongue
The Opinionated Tongue
The Surrendered Tongue

Giving - Philippians 4:16-23
The Mind of Christ
When No One is Looking
No Complaining
Like Minded
In Person
Sorrow and Rejoicing
False Teachers - Philippians 3:2-7
Jesus - Philippians 3:8-10
Reaching Forward - Philippians 3:12-13
Upward Call - Philippians 3:13-14
His Timing - Philippians 3:15-16
Like Minded - Philippians 4:1-2
Unity - Philippians 4:2
Gentleness - Philippians 4:2
Helping - Philippians 4:10-12
The Financial Spectrum - Philippians 4:12-16
Latter Rain - Hosea 6:3
Not Terrified
Departing is Better
Deliverance through Prayer
Motives are Not Our Concern
Purposes for Prisons
Cleansed Conscience
He is Powerful
Let God Question You
Counselor and Father
Prince of Peace
Build in Babylon
In a Foreign Place
Yielding an Interest
Greatly Afflicted
He Protects the Simple
Because He Hears
Be Still
Psalm 46 Part 2
Psalm 46 Part 1
He Will Save His People
But as For Me
Friends Make Us Full
Why Have Friends?
Recall, Realize, Recognize
Safe in His Arms
Much Fruit
We are the Branches
Jesus is the True Vine
Fearless in the Unfamiliar
Do These Things
Think on These Things
Transferring the Burden
The Lord is at Hand
Rejoice in the Lord
Restraint - Part Two
Restraint - Part One
Help I am Lost
Great Safety
You Are Near
Hear Me
Faithful Commands
Supported by His Word
Take His Word
Loving His Word
All of My Heart
Quick to Obey
My Song
No Regrets
Teach Me
Choosing Truth
Deal With Me
I Will
Whole Heart
Psalm 119 Intro Part 2
Psalm 119 Intro
Rooted in the Holy Spirit
Rooted in Love
Rooted in His Word
Wisdom and Understanding Part 2
Wisdom and Understanding Part 1
Nothing Can Separate
At All Times
Renewed - Part 3
Renewed - Part 2
Renewed - Part 1
John's Execution
Numbering Our Days
John in Prison - Part 2
Christmas - The Dayspring
John in Prison - Part 1
John's Attitude About Jesus - Part 2
John's Attitude About Jesus
Jesus' Baptism - Part 2
Jesus' Baptism - Part 1
The Axe to the Root
John the Baptist in the Womb
John the Baptist's Parents
Who is John the Baptist
Come All Who Are Thirsty
The Joy of the Lord - 7
The Joy of the Lord - 6
The Joy of the Lord - 5
The Joy of the Lord - 4
The Joy of the Lord - 3
The Joy of the Lord - 2
The Joy of the Lord - 1
The Joy of the Lord - 1
Praying it Through - Part 2
Praying it Through - Part 1
Seeing Others in the Mirror
Seeing Ourselves in the Mirror
Seeing God in the Mirror
The Great Exchange
One Must Swim
Choices Part 3
Choices Part 2
Choices Part 1
Persecuted and Blessed
Mercy And Purity
Humility and Hunger
Poor In Spirit
Hezekiah's Illness and Death
Assyria's Continued Threat Part B
Assyria's Continued Threat Part A
Assyria's Threat Part 2
"Who Will Roll Away the Stone?"
Assyria's Threat Part 1
The Enemy Comes Part B
The Enemy Comes Part A
Maintaining Worship
Hezekiah's Prayer for the People
The Keep Passover
Attempt at Unit
Restoring Musical Worship
Leading Leaders
Cleansing Themselves
Cleansing the Temple Part B
Cleansing the Temple Part A
Hezekiah's Plan Part B
Hezekiah's Plan Part A
Assessment of the Kingdom
Ahaz - The Father of Hezekiah
History of Hezekiah

Women’s Retreat 2016

Cathy Dickinson
Maureen Schaffer
Maureen Schaffer
Inga Lill Guzik
Maureen Schaffer

Are Being Changed
Return To Your Rest

Better Things – A Study in Hebrews

Hebrews Ch 1:1-4
Hebrews 1:5-14
Hebrews 2:1-9
Hebrews 2:10-18
Hebrews 3:1-6
Hebrews 3:7-19
Hebrews 4:1-10
Hebrews 4:11 to 5:4
Hebrews 5:5-14
Hebrews 6:1-3
Hebrews 6:4-20
Hebrews 7:1-7
Hebrews 7:11-28
Hebrews 8:1-13
Hebrews 9:1-10
Hebrews 9:11-22
Hebrews 9:23-28
Hebrews 10:1-18
Hebrews 10:19-25
Hebrews 10:26-32
Hebrews 11:1-16
Hebrews 11:17-29
Hebrews 11:30-40
Hebrews 12:1-11

Women’s Retreat 2015

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3

1 Chronicles

Chapters 1-8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10/11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24-27
Chapter 28
Chapter 29

The Voice of God

Intro - Psalm 119:1-8
Whole Heart - 119:9-6
Meditate - 119:17-32
Liberty - 119:33-482
Comfort - 119:49-64
Affliction - 119:65-80
Hope - 119:81-96
Light - 119:97-112
Understanding - 119:113-128
Pure - 119:129-144
Revive - 119:145-160
Peace - 119:161-168
Choice - 119:169-176


Call to Repentance and Visions
The Eyes of the Lord Measure Accurately
Removing Filty Garments
The Fuel We Need
The Scroll and the Basket
Chariots and a Crown
Fasting, Rebuke and Repentance
Restoration and Rejoicing
Defense and Deliverance
Deliverance through Piercings
The Shepherd Comes
The Lord Returns and Is Worshipped

Topical Studies

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Righteous Balance
Mothers of PreSchoolers
Married Couples: Submission
Fruit of Thanksgiving
Connecting with the Unsaved
Parenting: 3 Things
Learning to be a Woman
Glory of Thanksgiving
Unto us a Child is Born
True Love
Trials and the Word of God
What the World Needs Now
Valentines Breakfast
Knowledge & Perseverence

Why Study John The Baptist?

Study Notes
Prepare the Way
John's Parents
Conception in the Womb
The Birth of John
John's Identity
John Baptizes Jesus
John's Disciples ask Questions
John's Attitudes about Jesus
John in Prison
John's Execution
References About John After His Death
Christmas Message


Hezekiah's Dad
Hezekiah's Assignment for His Kingdom
Hezekiah's Plan to Cleanse His Kingdom
Cleansing the Temple
Cleansing the People
His Attitude Towards His Leaders
Hezekiah and Musical Worship
Hezekiah's Attempt to Bring Unity
Celebrating the Passover
Hezekiah's Prayer for the People
Maintaining Proper Worship
Hezekiah's Relationship with Assyria
Assyria's Threat/Hezekiah's Response
Hezekiah's Illness/Finality
Hezekiah's Descendants

Faithful to Faithless

Psalm 48:1-4
Psalm 48:5-8
Psalm 48:9-16
Psalm 78:17-25
Psalm 78:26-31
Psalm 78:32-37
Psalm 78:38-39
Psalm 78:40-51
Psalm 78:52-55
Psalm 78:56-64
Psalm 78:65-66
Psalm 78:67-72
Week 13

Marriage Retreat

Keeping My Vows
Hang in There, Things are Going to Get Better

CCW Women's Retreat - To Every Generation

Why Generations
Influencing the Next Generation
The Heart More Than The Heritage
Self Centered or Next Generation Focused

CCSFS Women's Retreat

Cease From Anger
The Lord Upholds the Righteous
Depart From Evil

Brethren, Together Be Followers of Me

Notes: A
Notes: B
Introduction Philippians 1:1-2
Life Produces Love Philippians 1:3-11
Things Happen for the Gospel Philippians 1:12-18
Life or Death Philippians 1:19-26
Worthy of Conduct Philippians 1:27-30
Joy from Unity Philippians 2:1-11
Parenting: 3 Things
God Working in You Philippians 2:12-18
Philippians 2:19-24
Philippians 2:25-30
Philippians 3:1-7
Philippians 3:8-11
Philippians 3:12-6
Philippians 3:17-21
Philippians 4:1-5
Philippians 4:6-9
Philippians 4:15-23

Words From The Whirlwind

The Waves Obey Him
He Quenches Thirst
By Wisdom
Heaven Rules Earth
The Osterich A Hireling
What God Has Done Is Rightly Done
Do You Have An Arm Like God?
Leviathon Trials
The Lord Finishes Speaking

What The Bible Says About

The Ressurection
Original Sin
The Godhead/Trinity
The Divinity /Deity of Christ
The Person of The Holy Spirit
God The Father
What Happens After a Person Dies
The Final Judgment
The Written Word of God
The Sovereignty of God
The Free Will of Man

CCSFS Women's Retreat

Never Shadrach

Perusing the Parables

Two Debtors
The Good Samaritan
The Lost
The Ten Virgins
Wheat and the Tares
The Unfinished Tower/War
The Sower
The Great Supper
The Persistent Widow
The Talents

Psalm 103

All That is Within Me
Forget Not His Benefits
Iniquities and Diseases
Redemption and Crown
Helping the Oppressed
Merciful Not Angry
How Great His Mercy
Removing Our Sin
A Fathers Heart
He Knows Our Frame
The Brevity of Man
Obedience and Mercy
His Throne and Kingdom
The Angels Bless Him
The Armies Bless Him
His Works Bless Him

Joshua - Strong and Courageous

Intro/First Appearance
Minister of Moses
One of the Spies
Moses' Charge to Joshua
God Speaks to Joshua
Crossing the Jordan
Battle of Ai
Joshua and Gibeon
Allotment of Territories
Cities of Refuge
Final Address

All Things

Jesus Has All Things
He Shall Teach You All Things
He Works All Things
Gives Us All Things
Searches All Things
All Things Are Lawful
Testing All Things
All Things To Edify
All Things Are New
Sufficiency In All Things
All Things According To His Will
Giving Thanks For All Things
All Things Without Complaining
All Things But Loss
Enjoying All Things

Holy Fire

Burning Bush
Elijah and Fire
Fiery Furnace
Tongues of Fire
Fiery Trails
Pillar of Fire
Offerings by Fire
Strange Fire
Sodom's Fire

Bad Examples Are Good Examples

Why Study Bad Examples
Deceived Eve
Pouty Deliah
Critical Michal
Laughing Sarah
Haughty Herodias
Analyzing Miriam
The Wicked Woman
Submissive Sapphira?
The Daughter of Herodias
Jezebel - Bad Girl
Political Zerech

Teach Us To Pray

Teach Us to Pray
Our Father
Which Art in Heaven
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Thy Kingdom Come
They Will Be Done
Give Us Our Daily Bread
Forgive Us Our Sin
Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Deliver Us From Evil

First Love Women's Retreat

Jonah - Part 1
Jonah - Part 2

CC Downey Bible College

Week 1 - Part 1
Week 1 - Part 2
Week 1 - Part 3
Week 2 - Part 1
Week 2 - Part 2
Week 2 - Part 3

Women's Seminar

Reverencing Your Husband With Words

Galatians, Don't Fall From Grace

Another Gospel
Paul's Calling
Paul's Commission
Frustrating the Grace of God
Continue in the Spirit
Father Abraham Had Many Sons
The Curse of the Law
The Law - Our Tutor
Affected of Infected
Hagar and Sarah - Two More Tutors
It Takes the Law to Tangle
Walk in the Spirit
Love in the Spirit
Glorying in the Cross of Christ

Clothed in His Love Women's Retreat

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4

Satan - Not Being Ignorant of Our Adversary

Why Study Satan
Satan's History
Satan in the Garden
Names of Satan
Satan and Job
Satan and David
Jesus and Satan
Jesus and Satan 2
Satan and the Church
Satan's End

Follow Me

What Does it Cost to Follow Jesus
To Follow Jesus in the Family
To Follow Jesus as a Woman of this Generation

Women's Retreat

Pleasing God with our Gifts

Looking at Love in our Relationships

Why Study Love?
Love is Patient
Love is Kind
Love Does Not Envy
Why Study Love?
Love Does Not Parade Itself
Love is Not Puffed Out
Love Does Not Behave Rudely
Love Does Not Seek It's Own
Love Thinks No Evil
Love Does Not Rejoice in Iniquity
Love Rejoices in Truth
Love Bears All Things
Love Hopes All Things
Love Endures All Things

CC Downey Women's Retreat (Murrietta)

God Will Make a Way

Women's Retreat (Fragrance of Christ)

Hunger and Thirst
Growing Fragrant Blossoms
Making Me Perfume

John Studies

Week 1
Week 2
Week 5
Week 6
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12

What Can I Expect From The Church? - The Book of Acts

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12

Wisdom in the Proverbs

Week 1.1
Week 1.2
Week 2.1
Week 2.2
Week 3.1
Week 3.2
Week 4.1
Week 4.2
Week 5.1
Week 5.2
Week 6.1
Week 6.2
Week 7.1
Week 7.2
Week 8.1
Week 8.2
Week 9.1
Week 9.2
Week 10.1
Week 10.2
Week 11.1
Week 11.2

Psalms to Sing - Psalms to Pray: A Look Into Some Psalms of David Our New Nature Sings

Delighting to do God's Will
The Works and Words of God
Waiting Upon God
Hear Me Oh God
Bless the Lord
Preservation and Trust
Resting in the Lord
The Abiding One


Discerning God's Will in Home-Schooling
Listen to Your Children
Tossed in the Sea of Homeschooling
Our Words Vs. God's Words
Home-Schooling Restraint

Prayer Retreat

Worship and Prayer
Confession in Prayer
Perseverance in Prayer
Intercession in Prayer

Topical Studies

Knowledge and Perserverence
Add To Your Faith
Valentines Breakfast
What The World Needs Now
Trials and the Word of God
True Love
Unto Us a Child is Born
Taste Thanksgiving
Mothers of Pre-Schoolers
Home for the Holidays
Glory of Thanksgiving
Moments With The Master
Learning to be a Woman
Parenting: 3 Things
Connecting with the Unsaved
Fruit of Thanksgiving
Married Couples: Submission
He Knit Me Together
Righteous Balance