King of Glory

King of Glory, both as a book and a movie, is for a worldwide audience of all ages and cultures. We are happy to present the full version of the movie below! The movie is available in many languages free or for purchase on a DVD.

Everyone loves a good story. The scriptures of the prophets recount the best story ever told. Read more about the King of Glory here.

Unborn Face

If we stop and let the reality sink in, it's both mind-boggling and heart-wrenching. Worldwide, there are approximately 42,000,000 victims of abortion each year: priceless children created in the image of God. No wonder it's called the Silent Holocaust. Read more here.

Fury to Freedom

The personal testimony of Pastor Raul Ries
Pastor Raul as a youth, was a dangerous, violent person who was ready to explode at any moment. This video chronicles the miraculous transformation of a person who was on a road to destruction to a man of God. This is the personal testimony of Raul Ries and how God demonstrates His grace, His love and His mercy.

Jesus Movie App

Jesus Film Media is the digital expression of The JESUS Film Project®, an extension of the overall vision to reach everyone, everywhere by equipping people to use their tools and resources in new ways! Finding just the right film resource or tool has never been easier. You can share the entire JESUS Film Project® library on your smart phone.

Through the robust search feature users have the ability to find resources by country, language name, theme, and title of the film. You will have access to films in over 1,100 languages!

Featuring the films JESUS, Magdalena, The Story of Jesus for Children in full length and segments; the series Following Jesus and Walking with Jesus and catalog of short films like My Last Day.

Read more about this amazing idea here. Read about it from Paul and Kathy here get the app here.

Spoken Word

This is an amazing, under two minute, video. As of April 18th this video had almost 877,000 views and God must want to keep this lady humble because her name is nowhere on the video.

Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Elliot is one of the most influential Christian women of our time. For a half century, her best selling books, timeless teachings and courageous faith have influenced believers and seekers of Jesus Christ throughout the world. She uses her experiences as a daughter, wife, mother, widow, and missionary to bring the message of Christ to countless women and men around the world. She has a devotional that is well worth reading. We encourage you to check it out at

Ministry Helps

Need help choosing a theme for your women's ministry event? Check out Themes by Julia.

This is a great video to watch, it's educational.  I know I couldn't put on an event, I wouldn't know where to start. Julia offers not only advise but the tools you will need to make your event a huge success. Watch this you'll love it.

Sharon McVey Rude

From starting a women's ministry or growing your existing group to planning a ministry event you will find lots of help at




Marlise Kast

Marlise was a sought after celebrity gossip writer and would do just about anything to get the story. Despite being raised by a devout missionary family, she sunk to the dregs of society to get the dirt on celebrities, often hurting people in the process. She finally had a change of heart and realized the error of her ways. Watch this video to see how prayer and a return to her once-strong faith has turned her life around for good!



Cheryl Hancock

Israel-based, Middle-East correspondent, Cheryl Hancock, relates first-hand experiences about Palestinian repressiveness against their own people. One example is applying Sharia law against a Palestinian convert to Christianity.

Brigitte Gabriel

In Defense of Freedom -

Are you curious about Islam? Does the word Muslim and the thought of Shariah Law concern you? What about Jihad? How about a Mosque being built in your city?

All of these should concern you they are about to have a great effect on your lives. The date September 11, has a very symbolic meaning and guess what, it does not mean what you think it does watch this you tube message from Brigitte Gabriel.

Brigitte Gabriel, founded ACT for America, Brigitte is Lebanese immigrant, she came to America after her country of Lebanon lost it’s battle to Muslim fundamentalist during the Lebanese Civil War.

Brigitte is on a mission we should all be on, to get our collective voice back. To stop being afraid to speak out against losing our freedom of speech. We all need to reread our own Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The extremist radical Islam promotes the celebration of death, terror and tyranny. This is an authoritarian life style which is systematically working its way through America.

Watch this video you will be amazed at what is going on in our own country.

Sharon McVey Rude




Arab for Israel, Brigitte Gabriel born in Marjayoun, Lebanon goes on CNN to correct and expose Arab propaganda on the media and explains it is Hezbollah who began the fight by throwing missiles to Israeli land and kidnapping Israeli soldier which goes against the law.

She says Israel is the guard to stop the Islamic terrorism from killing other non-Muslims and from stopping them to take over land not theirs.

As a South Lebanese Christian, Christians are killed and their land is invaded by Muslims who overpopulated them. Nasrallah wants all of the world to be Muslim and kills anyone who is against him.


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