Make a Kingdom Difference

You can make a Kingdom difference using the skills and talents you already have. Below are a few women who are using their gifts for the Lord.

Discipling Women Through the Word

Heather Wathen heard the call to full time missionary service at the age of 18, and shortly thereafter met her husband of now eleven years at Calvary Chapel Bible College. Together they answered the call to minister in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, where Cameron now pastors Calvary Victoria. Heather uses her gifting to teach to minister to the women in her city and her own children as a homeschooling mother of four. She has a passion for writing, and regularly posts devotionals, discipleship materials, and Bible commentaries on her blog She has also designed a literature based Old Testament history course for elementary aged children that can be accessed for free at Heather's heart desire is to glorify the Lord Jesus by raising up women equipped to rightly divide the Word of truth who in turn can disciple others to do the same.

Worship Leader and More

Rachel McLarty leads worship on Sundays, oversees and teaches in Sunday School, leads the women's ministry with a team of ladies and spends time with ladies in discipleship and counseling. In addition she still spends great time and energy keeping up with, creating memories and teaching moments with her three sons! Her husband, Pastor Andrew says "I'm a very blessed husband!"
Read more about their ministry here...

An Accidental Author

After a women’s retreat in 1998, two precious Christian women approached Tammy Brown who struggled with very deep-rooted problems and hurts. One of the ladies shared her story of repeated sexual abuse at the age of twelve, by her three brothers, as well as a battle with bulimia. The other shared that she was in great bondage to anorexia, an all too common eating disorder. As they all prayed and cried together, Tammy's heart was broken for them both. Tammy was all too familiar with the pain that these women were facing and wanted to comfort them with the same comfort that she had received from the Lord with her own healing from a painful past.

It was shortly thereafter that the Lord guided Tammy to develop the “Healed and Set Free” Bible Study. This Bible study is designed to help women, teens and couples, break the bondage of hurt and pain through Jesus Christ.
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Book Club Ministry & Blogger

Kelly Gardner began the Women's weekly Book Club Ministry which met for two years at a local Starbucks. Due to the growth of the group and the noise of Starbucks they have spent the past year and a half meeting at their church. They meet every week and discuss how the Lord is growing and changing the group members through their reading selection. Many of the women who come have not been readers. So Kelly gets to use her background as a Elementary/Special Education teacher which has been so rewarding by sharing learning strategies for reading comprehension. "So many times I have wanted to quit and not continue this ministry thinking it wasn't making a difference. But watching women come every week and grow in faith and God confidence is just enough encouragement to continue this ministry" says Kelly.

Out of the Women's Book Club Ministry the Joyful Books Blog began. This ministry first began as an extension for those who could not join in to our weekly book club meetings. But God had greater plans. The Blog Ministry has weekly Devotionals, Book Reviews, Photo's from Calvary Chapel Reno-Sparks Women's Ministry events and Recipes. Who would have guessed that her blog would have had almost 21,000 hits from all over the world in nearly two years. Kelly says "What is incredible is to see the Holy Spirit working through this ministry". Although sometimes Kelly can get discouraged due to the lack of response in the comments she says "God is faithful and shows the importance of continuing this ministry".

Kelly took over the Women's Newsletter for Calvary Chapel Reno-Sparks and changed it to become a teaching newsletter five years ago. The purpose of the newsletter is to raise up the Women of Calvary Chapel to God's calling in ministry. Everything contained in the newsletter has to be written by the women of Calvary Chapel for the Women of Calvary Chapel. "The newsletter is arranged to model what we are taught and that is: Prayer, Fellowship and The Study of God's Word. Women who never thought they could write have become writers! Praise the Lord!" says Kelly.

Covered With Love

In the winter of 2005, a group of women came together with the object in mind to learn how to knit. Within a months time Our Lord placed it on our hearts to create a ministry with our new found talent and reach through out the world by knitting hats and scarves to help keep warm the many poor and needy.

Covered with Love consists of women from various churches in our area and Southern California with one focus which is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. To date we ship on a regular basis to missionaries in the Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Russia, England and Israel. We also ship to an Orphanage for abandoned special needs children in Kiev, Ukraine.
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Fruit of Her Hands

Kelly continues "At this time I am in the process of working through a new ministry, "Fruit of Her Hands" that reaches out to others. We meet four times a year and what we make we give away. Giving away can often be really difficult, but it is amazing to watch the hearts of these women."

When they met in August they made Fleece blankets for the Veterans in wheel chairs in their community. This was such an encouraging ministry that they have been asked to continue the blanket making on a regular basis.

Most of the ministries that have been placed on Kelly's heart to begin at Calvary Chapel Reno-Sparks have encouraged women who lack confidence in the gifts the Lord has given them, or are very introverted.

Ann is in her 70's and is a staple in her Children's Ministry. Her husband passed away about 10 years ago not leaving her much. She is quiet and full of grace. A person that isn't showy in the slightest. Ann's gift of loving babies and her ability to always be available to serve in the Children's Ministry is worth more than any amount of money!

A Writer and Bible Study Leader

Mary Jane is in her 70s and has always wanted to write about her love for Jesus Christ, but always lacked confidence. She now writes in the Calvary Chapel Reno-Sparks bi-monthly newsletter as a regular, is a Sunday morning greeter, and a leader for the Calvary Chapel Reno-Sparks Women's Bible Study. All of these experiences have helped her to begin a Wednesday night Women's prayer meeting before church. Without the confidence she gained during these other ministry opportunities Mary Jane would have never had the courage to stand in front of others and share Jesus Christ.

Feeding the Homeless

Every Sunday after church Kerrie and her three teenage daughters bring food to feed the homeless who live along the banks of the Truckee River. Kerrie does this every week all year long. So many stories she has told about how she and her daughter have shared Jesus Christ with those less fortunate. Kerrie started this ministry on her own and is always eager to have others join in.

Sharing Lives

Kim Bowser, from Calvary Chapel Reno Sparks saw the need for mentoring younger ladies and began a program for young women ages 16-25 called Sharing Lives.

Kim describes her ministry: " We held our first Sharing Lives in 2002. Sharing Lives is based on Titus 2:3-5. We have between 15-20 spiritually mature women that come alongside our young adult women who are between the ages of 15-25. All of our classes are based on the Word of God and life experiences in a variety of topics that have to do with being a godly woman.

It is a 13 week course and each class is 3 hours on a Saturday morning. All the classes are hands on, meaning, we actually cook, clean, decorate, re-cover chairs, sew on buttons & hem pants, we have inter-active applications so the girls go away with illustrations. There is a cost to the girls for supplies.

The topics include: Inductive Bible study, how to plan & prepare a holiday meal, how to be keepers of their homes, Godly relationships, things that rob us of our joy, how to stay under God’s protection, hospitality and how to cook, being a good steward of what God has blessed us with; including finances, how to communicate effectively, what worship and prayer are, marriage and family God’s way, conquering temptation, what are the gifts of the Spirit, purity and the inner woman, and we also teach them how to put on a women’s luncheon for about 150 women – so, service in women’s ministry! They actually do the whole luncheon; from setting the theme, teaching, worship, decorations, etc.

After much prayer, I believe the Lord wants this program out and available to other churches. We hope to make this available soon."

You can read more about Sharing Lives by clicking here.

Run 4 Heaven's Gate

Runners and walkers of all ages complete four half-marathon races in four weeks. Before and during the races, participants raise money by asking family, friends and businesses to sponsor their efforts to help the poor and forgotten families suffering with HIV/AIDS in India.

Poster Image
For more info contact: Dottie Bledsoe This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (208)850-8624
(note: this ministry was started by a woman at Calvary Chapel Boise)

Stella Rooks - Author

Stella is an author and speaker, involved in women’s ministry. Her desire is that women will know : they are not alone and that there is a God who will never leave them or forsake them but will guide them into His marvelous light in the midst of trials.

Stella is the author of Arise in Me, a 31-day devotional. Arise In Me is a handy, mini workbook that will help those who are or have been discouraged in any way or those who feel paralyzed and feel like they can’t accomplish anything to get new hope.

The title, Arise In Me, speaks for itself: “Arise in me, Oh Lord and let Your power, might, and grace lift me up...ARISE IN ME!”

This book is great and is a quick heart-check for any of us. We all struggle in many ways...and that's just part of life. Frequently, there is a tug of war going on in our minds.

Let this book reset your mind with the Word of God! Through God's Word, prayer and thanksgiving…thoughts are transformed from focusing on your trials to the things above. The battle in our minds can only be won with the power of Jesus Christ! He is our Divine Warrior and our victory lies in His hands!

The book was birthed during a difficult trial. Stella's desire is to encourage women—although they are in a trial that does not mean that God is not working in their lives. She has experienced both depression and anxiety for herself.

Embracing His love and tapping into the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells within us is crucial to experiencing His power, His love, and His peace!

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. ” 2 Timothy 1:7

Stella loves to encourage women! She continually prays for those suffering from depression and anxiety, praying that...

The light of Jesus Christ, will bring life and peace to guide them through their trials!

Stella is a wife, mother & grandmother and lives in New Mexico with her husband James Rooks. To read more about her ministry and the book, and to read uplifting devotionals, visit her website at:

Lisa Collins - Missions

In July 1999, Lisa Collins went on her first mission trip to London, England, with Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. That experience changed her life. God has given her a passion for equipping, teaching, and training children and adults about the love and power of Jesus Christ. Since 2000, she has taught Simply Jesus Evangelism to churches, schools, at Calvary’s Missions Conference, army camps, and orphanages in America, Romania, Austria, Ukraine, Honduras, Kosovo, Albania, and South Africa.

Lisa is a missionary at Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe in Vajta, Hungary. Students from over 15 different countries attend with the desire to grow in their relationship and service to the Lord. Her ministry is to assist in mobilizing students onto the mission field through training and providing practical short- and long-term opportunities. In addition, her responsibilities include being a support to churches and missionaries in Europe and coordinating mission trips for American teams desiring to experience Eastern Europe. She recently participated in mission trips throughout Hungary, Ethiopia, Iraq, Cambodia, India, and Uganda. The vision for the Bible College is to raise up men and women to reach the nations of Europe and the world for Jesus Christ.

Since June 2015, impacting the Middle East has become a huge focus for Lisa and 100,000's of refugees from Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and from many surrounding nations are flooding into Eastern Europe. It has been a privilege for Lisa to be ministering in this area for "such a time as this." Their hearts are open and ready to receive the Gospel and to hear and experience the love of Jesus. It is an incredible time in history when the Lord has opened the 10/40 window and more than a million people from "closed" and unreached nations are now free to give their lives to Jesus.

Donna Lowe: Bible Teacher and Author

Check out Donna's book by clicking here.
Donna longs to see women experience the life-changing power of the Bible - the living and active Word of God. She believes women will be empowered and equipped to make a huge impact for God’s Kingdom when we are Biblically literate. Next to salvation and the Holy Spirit, the Bible is the greatest gift we’ve been given to live successfully here on earth because God’s Word teaches us everything we need for life and for godliness. 2 Peter 1:2-5. The problem is, few believe this.

Too many Christians just don’t know their Bible. To be clear, they know parts of the Bible; their favorite verses, the famous stories, and even which parts of the Bible to avoid. Everyone has an opinion about the Bible, but most are oblivious to the Bible’s basic content, meaning, and message.

From the beginning of time, God’s Word has been a target for the enemy. Satan’s strategy was to deceive Eve by questioning the validity of God’s instructions. Satan only had to ask her, “Did God really say….?”, and Eve compromised her relationship with God. That’s all it took.

Today’s world is no different. The Bible is under attack. It’s being supplemented, stripped down, twisted, misquoted, undermined, misunderstood, and re-written. The scary thing is, most Christians don’t recognize this is happening. Why waste so much time trying to discredit the Bible? Because the enemy knows it’s effect!

We don’t have to live powerless, in this world! Through her expository teaching, practical application, and her profound love for the Word, Donna makes the Bible come alive. Her greatest joy comes from seeing others go deeper and grow stronger in their faith, as they trust Jesus Christ. Donna’s challenge to women: “pick up your Bible! Read. Believe. Practice it’s precepts. Little-by-little, you can not help but live out your God-given purpose, impacting your world for Christ.”

Donna Lowe is an international Christian speaker, and Bible teacher. She speaks at events, conferences, and retreats. To connect with Donna about speaking at your event:

Donna also equips believers through her discipleship/Bible study resources. She co-authored the book Radical Love…Forever Changed and the Bible study Examine Your Heart. Find her resources here:

Donna leads Women’s Ministry at Calvary Chapel Kelowna, in BC, and serves on the Servant Leadership Team and the Missions team at CCK. She is the Founder of For The Sake of Truth Ministries. As well, Donna is on the board of Kelowna Christian School. Donna and her husband Kelly live in Kelowna BC. Together they have three boys, two daughters-in-law and two grand babies. Donna loves hiking, snow-shoeing, hanging out drinking coffee with friends and, mostly, spending time with her family.

She believes that her whole life, whatever time she has been given here on earth, is a gift - one that she wants to use to glorify God and prepare the Bride for Christ’s return.

Grow your Garden, Flourish your Faith

Check out Shelley's book God’s Word for Gardeners Bible.
Author and gardener Shelley S. Cramm writes, speaks, and encourages those interested in gardening and “growing their own” good things to flourish their faith alongside their garden, seeking the beauty and revelations of Scripture, connecting the Word to the land. She launched a website to serve readers as a reference for planting and cooking with plants from the Bible, featuring a bi-weekly blog and Plant Guide.

Shelley hopes by relating gardeners to the plants and bringing them to table, they will see Scripture stories come to life in a fresh, hands-on way. One of the meanings of “Eden” is “delight;” Shelley believes when “the LORD God had planted a garden, in the east, in Eden” (Genesis 2:8 NIV), He provided pleasant joys and curious whimsy for each of us to discover in planting a garden, to cultivate intimacy with Him and experience His delight in daily life.

Shelley wrote the devotions for God’s Word for Gardeners Bible, a devotional Bible written for gardeners, featuring daily essays on a range of garden themes, Bible plants, landscapes of Scripture, and quotations from garden writing across the history and “how to” of gardening. Readers enjoy the oldest gardening book from a gardener’s point of view. No other book examines gardening knowledge and wisdom in Scripture with such devotion and detail. It is a perfect complement to growing interest in gardening and peoples’ desire for clean food and wholesome living.

All the while, Shelley is discovering the journey herself, planting and growing a garden while tending her family and the business of writing. She and her husband, Topher, have been married for 25 years. Natives of California, they met as students at the University of Colorado in Boulder and have lived all of their married life in Texas. They have five children; 2 daughters, 3 sons from college age to middle school.

More info on Shelley:
View her website, or her book, read her text commentaries on Blue Letter Bible, or watch her on youtube, or her Still Growing Podcast interview, and you can also listen to her radio interview with Better Lawns and Gardens.

Operation Christmas Child

Donna has been packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child (OCC) for the past 15 years with her family, shortly after she gave her life to Christ. When she moved to the central coast 10 years ago, her family began to volunteer at the OCC Orange County Processing center in December each year, and the Lord was tugging at her heart to take a step of faith and get involved more in this ministry.

Donna says "Being obedient to the call that I knew the Lord put on my life 6 years ago, I started an OCC ministry at our church. The Lord was faithful and has raised up a group of ladies that helps me craft throughout the year. We have once a month craft days, and I constantly keep an eye out for “good deals” at stores for items that she can use in the shoeboxes."

This year she will be packing 1400 shoeboxes at her packing party in November. God has started a work in this ministry and she believes it is her duty to just be faithful back to Him and to do what He has called us to do. Jesus said in Matthew 28:19, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations”, this ministry is part of fulfilling the Great Commission, and Donna thinks it is a privilege and honor to do so. Her calling is to reach more children with a gift of love in the name of Jesus, and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ! These shoe boxes are sent to children around the world that are in need and like many, have never received a gift before. With each shoe box they receive, the Gospel message of Jesus Christ is proclaimed and is given to them in their own language. In many countries they are also given the opportunity to participate in a 12 week discipleship program called the Greatest Journey after they have received their shoe box.

Taking another step of faith shortly after starting an OCC ministry at her church, "I became a year round-volunteer with Samaritans Purse OCC and now am the relay center coordinator for our area. This is where people drop off filled shoeboxes during collection week in November and I get them ready to be sent down to the processing center in Orange County" says Donna.

Pray for the children that receive a shoebox, that they may receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, the greatest gift of all, and that they may grow in the love and knowledge of Him.

Donna says "It’s amazing what the Lord can do with someone who has a willing heart to serve Him and love others... I’m a testimony to that! Christ living in Me!! To God be the Glory!"

If you would like more information about this ministry check out:

Jail Ministry

Rebecca is the Calvary Chapel Arroyo Grande Jail Ministry Leader, below she describes this ministry.

Our ministry at the SLO County jail is directed at the female inmates in Maximum security, the Dorms and the Honor Farm.

This ministry was birthed by the Holy Spirit through one inmate and myself having a relationship that became known throughout the jail and other inmates were hungry for the same thing. I began receiving names of girls who wanted visits and letters from me, which obviously became overwhelming quick.

Friends at church rallied with me and I started a visitation team as well as a pen pal program from church ladies to inmates. We are known at the jail as 'the church ladies' by jail staff and inmates. My vision from the very beginning that came to me from the Lord was to sow seeds in these ladies lives. I knew God would get me inside the jail to teach the word and He has!

I bring church to the Honor Farm every Monday afternoon and it is awesome! We minister to about 20+ inmates at the jail and a handful that have been sent to Chowchilla Prison. Every girl who requests visitation or letters has so far, received that, thanks to a very faithful group of women around me. We spend one hour on phones, through the glass, encouraging these girls in the life changing power of Jesus Christ.

The stories go on and on. One inmate said she was on the verge of killing herself when she got my postcard that told her God was on her side and not to give up. Another girl was set to get a state paid for abortion, she left the jail to do that on a 24 hour cruise waiver, we were fervently praying for 24 hours. It didn't work out, she came back pregnant and asked to be part of our visitation group. She is now in Prison and still communicating with a lady from church.

These girls are hungry, they are addicted, they are desperate, they are broken, and they need Jesus like no other. We plant seeds through visiting and writing regardless as to their response or lack of response. This ministry has exploded and according to the Jail, it is unprecedented in nature, we are all scratching our heads at what God can do with a willing person.

We have since supported them in court, made phone calls to their family members, driven them around town to do errands, disciple them upon release, and do our best to track them into life or back into jail, where we start right back up again!

That's the gist of what we are doing at the Jail, it is ever changing, very fluid, and keeps us all on our toes! Contact Calvary Chapel Arroyo Grande for more info at (805)431-2637.

Disaster Relief

Mary Jo Hencye and her husband Curt are missionaries who respond to disasters worldwide.

Whenever a disaster strikes, Mary Jo and Curt immediately begin praying to see how the Lord is directing them to get involved.

When led by the Lord, Mary Jo and Curt go in and work with local fellowships/churches and others in the area to help with the relief/recovery efforts. Mary Jo offers experience in this type of endeavor so that the local church body can take care of their own needs. This also allows the local body to Spiritually minister to those affected by the disaster as the relief work takes place.

While in the field Mary Jo begins to form relationships with residents that have been affected by the storm and locals who just want to volunteer but don't know how, when, where, etc. As Mary Jo helps point them in the direction of a local church that can help disciple them. Once Mary Jo and Curt leave, the local church body is responsible for the follow-up ministry/discipleship--this is the remnant that God uses once the door is opened to new ministry.

Mary Jo says "Anyone who wishes to join the work teams is more than welcome! We love working alongside local volunteers." Mary Jo wants to be Jesus's hands and feet and share His love with others in order to bring more people into His kingdom!

Mary Jo and Curt are ready to roll with a truck and trailer loaded with tools and supplies that are commonly needed in disaster relief/recovery. They can typically tool and employ about 50 volunteers a day and often bring along specifically requested items.

Mary Jo and Curt expect nothing in return for their help. Mary Jo has been trained in Biblical Crisis Counseling. She also works with their county and city government to help with many other aspects of disaster preparedness. Mary Jo says "Feel free to contact us with any and all questions concerning how you can be involved with us as we follow the Lord and His will!" If you're interested in joining them, click here.

Mary Jo and Curt are not funded by any particular church, organization, government or individual. Mary Jo relies on The Lord as He uses people, churches and organizations to allow them to serve Him full time in the field. For more info on how you, your church or organization can support Mary Jo and Curt one-time or on a monthly basis, click here.

Calvary Chapel Samaritan's Purse Relay Center

Not only is Calvary Chapel Arroyo Grande a Relay Center but they also pack 900 shoeboxes as a church!

Donna is the Relay Center Coordinator and Church Project Leader:
"We have a group of about 25 women (not all in picture) that help out with crafting. We have a craft day once or twice a month, but a lot of the work is done by the women at home at their convenience. We have finished shopping and crafting everything on the list below. We have finished shopping and crafting for 900 shoeboxes for our 2014 packing party in November. Praise the Lord!"

Each box works out to be $3.58 per box containing 16-20 items!! This includes all the items needed for the crafts.

Here is the layout for our 900 shoeboxes for our November 2014 Packing party.

All 900 shoeboxes contain the following items:
Ziploc of 5 large candy canes, Ziploc of soap and washcloth, Toothbrush/toothpaste, Christmas card with message, Handmade scarf, 3 pencils, Pencil sharpener, 20 ½ sheets of blank paper stapled.

In addition, each box contains they following items pertaining to their age group and sex:
Boy 2-4
Handmade boy doll, Handmade crocheted ball, Handmade puppet, Handmade maraca, Handmade loom headband, Handmade Jesus Loves You crayons (3 per Ziploc)

Girl 2-4
Handmade girl doll, Handmade crocheted ball, handmade puppet, handmade maraca, handmade flower headband, Handmade Jesus Loves You crayons (3 per Ziploc), Handmade pillowcase dress

Boy 5-9
Handmade hacky sack, Handmade marble bag with 25 marbles, Hot wheels, Jump rope, Flip flops, Tennis ball, Pen, 24 pack crayons, Coloring book.

Girl 5-9
Handmade girl doll, Handmade handbag, Handmade cross, Handmade crocheted flower headband, Handmade loom bracelet, Jump rope, Tennis ball, Pen, 24 pack crayons, Coloring book.

Boy 10-14
Handmade beanie, Handmade hacky sack, Handmade marble bag with 25 marbles, Tape measure, Flashlight, Tennis ball, California bag, Spiral notebook paper, Pen.

Girl 10-14
Handmade beanie, Handmade handbag, Handmade crocheted flower headband, Sewing kit, Yarn cross, Tennis ball, California bag, Spiral notebook paper, Pen.

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